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The root cause behind all the corruption and moral decay in our society is the lack of humanity, spirituality and self-righteousness.
Spiritualism and Motivation is the only path to self-consciousness. The lure of material success in a competitive world sometimes becomes so strong that it overpowers one’s senses and blurs the difference between right and wrong. So this path can help one stick to the path of righteousness and one can get rid of prejudices, biases and subjectivity. Biases which raises the voice over religions are baseless. No any religion suggests to hurt anyone’s sentiments.
In an attempt to strengthen the moral fabric of the society and to create mass awareness about the human soul and the need to awaken it through Spirituality, the INNOCENT ARTICLES blog is created. This site is designed basically for mobile devices and its content will be best viewed on mobile devices only.

Note: If you wish to post an article of your own choice, just email us with the revelant topic including your name and living country, we will revert back to you on this as soon as possible. If it meets our guidelines, we will post the article. If you need any assistance, contact us via email.

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