India’s Education System : What needs to change?

What is education? Is it book learning? No. Is it diverse knowledge? Not even that. The training by which the current and expression of will are brought under control and become fruitful is called education.

We all believe that the future of any country lies on how well developed is the education system of that country.
Though gaining a professional degree is not possible for everyone due to various reasons, but what actually matters is the basic education.

Indian education system has come a long way and major changes have been made but those were not so helpful. There is always scope further improvement and a better education system in our country.

Teachers must castigate students to think outside the box and stress them to get higher marks in exams. Thinking out of box enhances student to foster creativity, innovations and critical thinking.

Here few steps have been suggested which needs to implemented in India’s education system so that India may become a well developed country. Steps suggested are as follows :

Effective implementation of RTE, Removal of Rat Race, Excellent infrastructures, Skill based Education, Focusing more on practical knowledge rather theoretical, Removal of caste based reservation system and many more.

RAT RACE IN EDUCATION : Not only our education system but as a society, we indians are obsessed with Doctors and Engineers. Due to this very reason, other streams are highly overlooked. A lot of schools which have brilliant structure of education in the streams of Science and Maths fail to provide a good structure for other streams such as Arts, Commerce, Literature and languages which are often neglected in many schools. Parents shouldn’t force their child to choose career of their interest. They should allowed them to choose the passion to make his/her professional…..continue reading.

To read the full article, go through the following link:


If you have any suggestion or ideas in reference of betterment of India’s education system, those ideas would be highly appreciated and will be updated in our next post.

We may read books, hear lectures, and talk miles, but experience is the one teacher, the one eye-opener. It is best as it is. We learn, through smiles and tears we learn. The present system of education is all wrong. The mind is crammed with facts before it knows how to think. – Swami Vivekanand

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirros into windows. -Sydney J. Harris

Thanks to Shailendra Kumar, the owner of UNSOPHISTICATED ARTICLES who shared his views on India’s education system and taken a step to spread this to the society. We are expecting to the government to here this and soon take a decision to implement such ideas to made a BIG CHANGE and to grow country onwards.

33 thoughts on “India’s Education System : What needs to change?

  1. Hi Raaj !!
    Its really good to see writers speaking up about the future of our country. Education is an integral part of a society that helps it to develop effectively. In a country like India, where education has come long way, however it still lags behind in some aspects and needs serious mechanisms to make it more effective. Either way, keep up the spirit high !!
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  2. Very knowledgeable and informative ….being a teacher in India is a defect as everything is done by rote….There’s little scope for thinking;…..The assessment criteria for learning requires a drastic change…..A criteria should be tested with interpretation and research tools. Kudos to you for pointing out to the glaring anomaly. Anand Bose from Kerala

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    1. Thank you… @Anand sir! We just want to aware the people sothat they can contribute in growing india. Quality Education is what matters, but sad; there left only and only Quantity education. Glad our government started to look on this matter and I hope, all these issues would be solved soon. I also wanted to thank you for your concern on this. As you’re a teacher, you have many responsibilities to improve the system and to give your best. Nice meeting you sir! 😃


      1. Thank you, sir, for your nice response about Kentowin. I am working in kentowin for’s an educational platform. we are providing a mock test for all competitive exams and IMS system for institute management.


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