Self Purification – First Step to attain Devotion


Welcome Dear Readers ! This time we came with an article which is going to be very valuable to all of us. The secret of getting divine bliss. Here we’ll discuss about the first step in the path of attaining devotion.

We come across many different paths, all of which claim to be the path to spiritual enlightenment. This creates much confusion in our minds. What can we do to clarify this confusion, to progress on the spiritual path?

Broadly speaking, spiritual aspirant’s diversement can be categorised into four parts : First come the unapproachable. It is very hard to get into them. The second category is scattered and broken. Their desires, passions, aims, actions, likes are all dissipated. They do not stick to one thing. 

The third category keeps on oscillating like a pendulum. Their mind moves about here and there. You think about kundalini, about tantra, about this or that, then realize what you are doing and return to kudalini. The fourth category is ‘under control’. Just as you step on the brakes to stop a car, in the same way to step on the brakes and stop the mind.

Therefore, in the practical side of spiritual life you have to deal with the mind. In order to deal with the mind you must know where you are starting from. If you want to go to school, which class you join will depend on what you have studied previously. If you have not even passed primary class, you cannot go to university. 

Be honest with yourself. So at first, you have to know who you are. Do not say, “I am soul, I am God, I am Brahman, I am immortal.” Say, “I am a rascal,” and find out if you are or not. Tulsidas has written, “Who can be a greater cheat or wicked rascal than myself?” First accept yourself and find out who you are and then get stick to the one path.

We all used to keep practices to get the devotion of the God but nothing happens at the end. So we become disappointed. This should not be happen. Remember the Lord Rama’s nine devotion steps. Out of all nine, the one is that our belief on him must be so rigid that it couldn’t be even broken in any circumstances. Keep practicing and never loose hope. The right pathway for getting the supreme bliss requires the self purification. Yes ! The Self purification is the first step to get the devotion of Shri Krishna.
(Note: Devotees are requested to chant their favourite form of the God. In our case, Krishna. So we write ‘Krishna’ as a supreme personality. Please do not have any doubt as they all are one.) 

SELF PURIFICATION : Purifying the inner heart and mind

Here the self purification means the purification of one’s mind and heart from material contaminations. In Vedic literature, this antahkarana (internal organ) is organised into four parts:

Ego (Ahankar) – identifies the ‘self’ with the body as ‘I’

Intellect (Buddhi) – controls decision making ability

Mind (Man) – controls sankalpa (will or resolution)

Memory (Chitta) – deals with remembering and forgetting

So the controlling these parts is generally referred as Self Purification. Showing off that you’re a devotee of the supreme power is never going to help you achieve the supreme bliss. As Tulsidas wrote in Ramayana :

निर्मल मन जन सो मोहि पावा, मोहि कपट छल छिद्र न भावा|

So the first step to get the love and bliss of Shri Krishna, is to get clarified from the material contamination that still resides within us. 

Basically the self purification is the process of removing the bad qualities- Lust, Rage, Greed and Attachments. Whenever these qualities will be completely removed from you, then you’ll start realizing the grace of Krishna. Afterwards by crossing few other steps, you would be able to see him for sure.

Our mind is the only reason for bondages and salvation. We clear out our houses whenever any guest arrives but here we are inviting directly the supreme power. The Krishna is everywhere but yet we are not able to see him. The reason is our mind’s grubbiness and nothing else.

The continous availability of God in our heart is the only way to purify our inner taints. You should dedicate and concentrate your free time in Krishna and his relevant activities. You should stop the following habits as soon as possible : 

Hurting others, Thinking and wanting bad of others, Keeping jealously with others, Taking fun of others, Finding faults in others, Wasting time on talking nonsense, Insulting others…etc. These bad habits needs to be removed soon. Its better keep a denouncer near you. He can help you in cleaning your inner defects.

निंदक नियरे राखिये, आँगन कुटी छवाय !

बिन पानी साबुन बिना, निर्मल करे सुभाय !!

Saint Tulsidas also wrote the same thing in Ramayana as:
कहहु भगति पथ कवन प्रयासा। जोग न मख जप तप उपवासा। 

सरल सुभाव न मन कुटिलाई। जथा लाभ संतोष सदाई॥ 

Thats what we all need. Make yourself so simple. Live and be satisfied on whatever you have. Forgot everything about what have you read or listen in the lectures of great spiritual teachers. If you’ll not forget, then you’ll become confused. You can’t decide what to do. The same situation was existed with Arjuna too. When he was finished with the lecture given by Shri Krishna, he became confused. He then surrender himself to Krishna. Exactly the same thing we have to do i.e. Complete Surrender.

You were born or been given you an opportunity as human to attain your goal. Because human is the only creature in this world who is able to do work (Karma). ‘Bhagwad Prapti’ is the only aim for human. So just don’t waste this life. Enjoy the world created by the supreme personality but not get attached (or infatuate) into it. Listen the glory of Shri Krishna. Do his Kirtan, Bhajan. Embed yourself in Krishna. Bring out the feelings. Start weeping. These tears will clean your heart and mind for sure. Yeah, Obivously ! This will take time but don’t get disappointed. Be optimistic. Have patience. Just start clearing and i guaranteed that one day you heart will became pure and you start realizing Shri Krishna’s grace. No matter how many birth it takes to clarify but whenever it will be clean, you can see the God with your own eyes. Actually it depends on how much your heart and mind is polluted with those bad qualities. Do not try to knowing the second step until you pass the first step successfully. You yourself will know the second or remaining steps.

‘Just start purifying yourself and leave the rest things over Shri Krishna. He will manage everything for you. But don’t showoff as he lives within us and watching your every activity. After receiving his grace, you yourself get the right direction, and will start working on it (means you’ll start doing right karmas). Your results will be so astonishing.’

Here we are suggesting you some awesome Kirtans and Bhajans that can help you to achieve your goal :
1. Teri kripa ka bharosha bhari Radha Rani…

2. Shyam tujhse milne ka Satsang hi bahana hai…

3. Pyari Pyari bhori bhari barsane wari…

4. Meri Radha Rani Radha Rani Radha Rani…

5. Teri bigdi bana degi charan raj Radha pyari ki…

6. Radhe Radhe Govind Govind Radhe…

7. Mujhe apne hi rang me rang le mere yaar saanware…

8. Tum hamare the prabhu ji tum hamare ho tum hamare hi rahoge o mere priyatam…

9. Balihari hai tihari guru balihari…

10. Radhe Radhe Govinda Radhe Radhe Govinda…

You can also sing the kirtanas of your own choice. Kirtana and Bhajans doesn’t matters. What matters is your feeling of being embedded with it and your tears that comes out while listening or chanting. Just assume or attach yourself in a relation with God as you have the relation with your parents, brothers, sisters and family.

Note: Never try ‘GYAN YOGA’ to get the devotion of the God as it is extremely difficult. Remember the story of Uddhav and Shri Krishna. ‘PREM YOGA’ is best, easier and above of all other Yogas.

You were born through the grace of God. You live by the grace of God. It is by the grace of God that you have started thinking about spiritual life, about how to improve the quality of your life in general. Only when you enter the furnace then you can become gold. Sorrow and suffering are my friends, not my enemies. From the depth of my heart that spiritual seekers must understand that God is the only source. God is the only support.’


Start progessing in the path of spirituality from now…and we have nothing to say further except this final statement :

GOD is our friend. He gives us all the things that we ask for and also those things specially that we won’t. Just believe in him and he will surely give you the best. Right now may be it isn’t the best time but your time will come and he will give you what you deserve. 


☆ Love is the basics, root and summary of this materialistic world.

Please share with others sothat they could also take the benefit. If you have any doubts, let us know through the comment section. Thank you ! Have a good time! Jai Shri Krishna !!

CREDIT : Shri Madhav Ashram (Sagwara) and JKP Organisation (Vrindavan)


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